I want to say thanks for your product it was exactly what I ordered and was received right on time. I was able to share your Mealworms with a friend and he was surprised by the great quality. I hope all goes well with production.
God bless you.

Tom R

Last spring I was having trouble finding mealworms. I found Top Flight and decided to try them. The price was great and they shipped super fast.I was happy and my blue birds were happy too!

Joanne E

I have enjoyed receiving my shipments of mealworms for several months now.

We have chickens and want to be sure they come when called, so of course we use mealworms. Everyday at sunset I call they come. No predator gets them if we have them put up at night.

Anytime we call they come because they think MEALWORMS!,,, easy training tool.

Thanks for helping keep our farm fresh eggs a coming and our girls safe and easy the handle

Carol A

I care for over a hundred geckos. I raise most of my own feeders, however when I run low or just feel like taking a break I order directly from your company. All of my experiences have been great. I located your company through your listings on Faunaclassifieds.com

When I order from TopFlight Mealworms I know that I am getting a clean, healthy, quality packed product. The care they put into their packaging truly shows their passion for the business. Thanks for all you do.

Justin D.

I have purchased from 4 different company's and your company is by far the best, the worms arrive in a timely manner, easy to handle and separate to feed my bluebirds!
Jackie B

Hi my name is Ginger G,
I just want to say I so love up guys at Topflight flight mealworms and my Four Suggies Hoss, Lil momma, Silar and Quazar love ur mealworms. the couple of times I have ordered from up guys it was simple and hassel free the quality and quantity are amazing ur prices are afforadable I will never buy from my local pet stores again u guys have spoiled us we live in a small town in Louisiana and its hotspot as heck here normally and never have I received dead worms they are always here when yall say they will be .I give up guys much props ive tryed breeding my own an lord I cant keep myself out of them so that didn’t work so well the only thing maybe yall could offer would be breeding boxes or do it urself boxes other thanks that I commend up guys ok or starter kits stuff maybe for us to take care of them at home maybe a feeder trey thing for the cages of our reptiles or suggies to keep them in one spot so our babies could have as they need or want them ok ty for all up guys have done and plan one doing for ur customers how long do yall plAn one being closed for and when will yall be closing so I cant stock up ty

I would love to give you a testimonial! I do not know what I will do while you are on hiatus though. am already panicking just thinking about it!

Topflight Mealworms is awesome! They have the best prices by far. Their customer service is 2nd to none and the quality of their mealworms is outstanding. I am impressed every time I receive my order and see the care they take in packaging the mealworms. They clearly care about their customers and always strive to send out the best quality product and make sure it makes it to its destination safely. I am a customer for life!

Gwyn K. in CA

Top Flight Mealworms, Top Notch Company.

I have bought mealworms from here two times and I will always buy from here because this is definitely the best mealworm breeding company in the world.

•This company has AMAZING deals.

•Fast shipping.

•And most importantly very healthy, plump, yellow looking mealworms.

•Absolutely zero dead when arrived.

•Only problem with this company is the paper you put in with the mealworms when shipping them. It makes it hard to get them out. Try using egg carton instead.

Peachies Smith

Top Flight had enough worms available to meet "my" bluebirds' needs and I was relieved not to have to order from multiple companies to get enough for the season. The mealworms arrived very promptly, all in perfect condition, and there were plenty of extras packed in for good measure. The worms were fat and lively; I refrigerated a few thousand to keep fresh until later when the parent birds brought their fledglings to the feeder to teach them how to get their own meals. TopFlight provided the worms I couldn't find elsewhere; they were the healthiest specimens I've ever gotten; and unbeknownst to TopFlight, they also provided me with hours of enjoyment watching the bluebird families chow down. Great customer satisfaction here, for sure.
Mary G

We have been getting mealworms from you since the beginning of when you first started. We have tried many suppliers and so far yours have been the best. Great prices and great quality. Don't have die offs that i have had with other suppliers. Live arrival guarantee has also been fulfilled as I have had a couple problems when shipping errors occurred and you always replaced. Would love to see you do supers and crickets at great prices as well. The breeder discounts would be a bonus.


I've found you only fairly recently and so far am very impressed with your customer service, most especially your communication. For me, there's nothing better - besides a quality product - than being kept informed. It's important for so many reasons from managing customer expectations to building solid customer relationships; nowhere is that more evident than in your request for feedback. As you obviously know well, if you don't make an effort to understand your customers and what they're thinking about your business, you run the risk of not providing what they're looking for and ultimately losing them.

I'm guessing I'm probably only a small blip in your customer base, since my husband and I are just a single household feeding wild birds (although many!). I plan on sticking with you despite the fact that I suppose (?) I'll need to go elsewhere while your production is down. I'm looking forward to being able to place a recurring order at a discounted price.

Bottom line: I give you top marks on communication, customer service, product quality, packaging, speed and reliability of shipping, ease of website re-ordering, and pricing. Keep up the good work!


Jane L

First off let me say these were the best quality meal worms I've gotten for my beardie. Other ones I've gotten have given her diarehha or clogged her up these just went smoothly and for a great price. Shipping was super fast as well overall best feeders I've found around for my lizard. She only gets the best!

-Josh H

Topflight MealWorms are made up of only the best!!! --

Last year I ordered three thousand MealWorms from topflight. Having never ordered worms offline before, I was a little hesitant. Within three days I had received my MealWorms at my DOOR STEP! I opened up the box and the MealWorms were all alive and healthy! They also checked up on me by email, they have GREAT customer service! By far recommend to all my reptile community friends and i will defiantly be ordering again this year!


William O

I’ve relied on TopFlight Mealworms to feed our breeder leopard geckos for well over a year now. After being told by numerous suppliers that they were out of sizes, didn’t have a large enough quantity to fill our needs, etc. I was given top flight’s website. Since then, we have never had to worry about how to fill our feeder mealworm needs. Always shipped quickly when ordered, and have yet to spot a die off during shipping. No matter what your need for mealworms is, TopFlight should always be your first call, they never let me down and I’m sure they will never let you down either!

I'm a NYS and federally licensed wild bird rehabilitator. From spring through the fall, I order live medium mealworms, usually 5,000 or more at a time. It is far cheaper than depending on local pet stores, and one less task I have to do to take good care of the incoming orphaned/injured passerines and waterfowl. People have suggested I grow my own mealworms, but that would send me right over the preverbal cliff! Been there, done that, don't have time to deal with it nor do I need to, given the good prices of live mealworms from your company. All I need to do is "beef them up" for a few days with good dog kibble and veggies, and they are ready to be fed to the hundreds of hungry baby birds begging for food every 20 minutes, dawn to dusk!

Good job, congratulations on your plans to expand.

Hi Mealworms!

What a great experience to deal with such a quality oriented company. You took the extra step and made me feel so comfortable that I felt that I had a "friend in the business".It was a nice feeling having all my questions answered with such professionalism that I didn't hesitate on placing all my orders with you. You made it so easy. Thanks

tom s

Dear Topflight Mealworms,

Did not realize Top Flight will be closing to expand! Congratulations on your expansion, you will be missed while away!

I am a Federally permitted Songbird rehabilitator, so use ALLOT of mealworms in the spring and early summer. By far, TOP FLIGHT has been the best supplier I have found. The mealworms arrive with NO DEAD worms. The worms are healthy and live along time with proper care.

Nan S

We absolutely love your mealworms! We have had bad deals with either a lot dead or paying way to much for small mealworms. When we got yours we were very impressed and happy. Thank you for doing such a great job raising them and having such great deals!

I can't think of any way you can improve your service, other than offering the discounts with reoccurring orders, which would be really nice. My husband & I are so pleased to have found Topflight Mealworms. You have kept us stocked with mealworms for a couple of years now, and in turn we've been able to feed bluebirds (over the last two years we've had over a dozen bluebirds hatch out), cardinals, titmice, robins, nuthatches, and most recently an Eastern Phoebe. For the last couple of months, our Eastern Phoebe lets us hand feed him mealworms everyday! So thank you, Topflight Mealworms, for playing a part in feeding our birds!

Becky D.

Have been a customer for only a few short years, but the quality is high with a 98-99% living rate when the mealworms arrive. The storing process of the great selection of mealworms has resulted in our granddaughter helping out with picking them up when they fall out of the shipping container.

Your meal worms always show up on time and in great health. Thank yall very much

I have bluebird & lizards that love your worms

meal worms are alive when i get them. i like the offer of getting a discount on reoccurring orders.hope you are not down to long.like all the new things. good luck i like it like it is but a change is good

I made my first order to you and was very surprised at not only how quickly and well packaged the worms were shipped, I was also very happy with the quality of the mealworms. In the past I have had less than satisfactory product from other "leading" suppliers. My birds are very happy to have protein options during the winter. I have been able to tame an unruly pheasant with the mealworms...

Again, thank you for a superior product.

John C

I ordered 5,000 mealworms from you and I would like to say they came in on time and were shipped great with very few dead, I have ordered from others in the past and was not very happy with the way they were shipped. I will be ordering from you guys again. I thank you for the great service.
Shawn H

Short and simply put: Top Flight Mealworms has perhaps the highest level of commitment not only to provide with a most excellent product but also to give their clients an out-of-this-world customer service. Their mealworms are quite possible the very best in the market, at very reasonable prices, and from personal experience I can tell you that Charlie will support his customers a 100% and more if necessary. It really doesn’t get any better than TFM.

topflight mealies are GREAT quality, and GREAT customer service!

anyone on the fence about finding a regular mealworm website, look no further

As an avid backyard bluebirder, I am constantly on the lookout for a reliable mealworm supplier. I’ve tried several of the top online dealers, only to be disappointed with the quality, pricing, shipping, or inconsistency in any of those areas: that is until I stumbled on Top Flight. Top Flight’s mealworms are the liveliest and healthiest that I have ever received. Shipping and delivery was prompt and hassle-free, and the prices are very fair.

The bluebirds seem to prefer them also. Last season, using Top Flight large mealworms exclusively, I had one nesting pair that produced 3 separate broods for a total of 11 surviving chicks! I have never had that type of success rate using other brands of mealworms. I think I’ll stick to Top Flight.

Danny P

Dear Topflight,
I have always been very satisfied with your products. I receive my worms on time every time. The quality of the worms is awesome. I have and will continue to refer my friends to your company for their mealworm needs. Thanks for everything.
Desteny O

I am thrilled to find a professional company selling mealworms. Not once have I ever had a problem with my orders. I order 10,000 worms approximately monthly and usually have two or three worms die in transient. The worms are active and healthy and shipped well.  I use these worms for my hens, squirrels, opossums and birds. I am pleased to be able to order these quality worms year round. I would like an opportunity to "auto ship". Thank you!!

Sharon Green

Before purchasing mealworms for our Bearded Dragons, we shopped around a bit. We found Topflight Mealworms and now we won't buy elsewhere. The shipping was fast and you can't beat their prices. Their worms are healthy and we have no problem keeping them alive for months in the fridge. We will continue to do business with them and recommend them to others. Thank you for the excellent quality service you offer.

Cameron R

Topflight has been WONDERFUL to order from.The package always arrives on schedule and he even manages to let me ocassionally place an order slightly after the deadline my time (eastern). The worms are always good quality, alive and moving.  All the wild birds love them, especially the Bluebirds!Thanks again


I would like to take a moment to let you know I am happy to hear you are expanding your facility. I have always received good turn around and good product from you in the past but it will be nice to know that you won't have any shortages on products in the future. I know a lot of times companies run low on the large mealworms because of demand but looks like that shouldn't be happening with you in the future. Thank you for your past service and I look forward to doing business in the future.

Bev M

I am a good shopper and and buy mealworms in 20k lots. So I am always looking for the best buy for GOOD quality worms and good and prompt service. After 5 years of shopping mealworms I have found Topflight Mealworms to be the best in all categories. I might add that they stand behind their product as well. They are also a good source of FREE information about the care and handling of mealworms. Charlie is my mealworm man and has answered several important questions regarding raising and keeping mealworms. He also advised me of where to purchase the bedding for the mealworms (wheat bran) and  he saved me money.

 I wish you every success in getting to your sales goals. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will reach them. Thank you.

Best regards,

Philip L

I have sugar gliders and the LOVE mealworms. I have bought meal worms from pet stores, walmart and another online seller. The worms I got from you were by far the best and least expensive of any I have found. They were all healthy and nice and fat. My gliders LOVE them. They arrived healthy and wiggly. I didn't find any dead ones. I think you are doing a fantastic job.

Maggie B

My experience ordering from topflight mealworms is among the best of anyone I've dealt with so far for feeder worms. I ordered 10k and asked for them to be bagged separately so I could split the order with a friend and they had no problem with any request I had about my order. I don't plan on ordering from anyone else in the future. Thanks topflight!

Top flight mealworms is a very customer focused company. My experience with them was nothing but pleasant and they were not hesitant to send me a replacement order when mine was lost in the mail. I will definitely be continuing to use them in the future. Thanks for everything!!
Laura H

We love your mealworms (and so do our geckos). Every time we order, we receive more than expected. The worms are healthy with very few casualties in transport. They arrive on time and are very reasonably priced. I can't wait till you're back up and running so we can order more from you. On average we feed 40-50 geckos with your worms

From the first time that I ordered from Top Flight Mealworms, I was first impressed with the packing. Something about those bags

made from netting and the butcher paper caught my eye. It just looked professional and that care was taken in shipping them. I order in 10,000 lots, and I'm always happy with the amount and health of the mealworms. I would really like to see micro sized mealworms available from Top Flight Mealworms. I think having a reoccurring order discount is a great idea. Mealworms that would be delivered the first week of every month that would be set at a certain price for reptile breeders.

Danny J

Sense purchasing mealworms from you regularly I very much appreciate your flexibility and concern as to their condition upon arrival. You were very kind to delay my order during the January cold snap per my request. We have since received the most recent batch in excellent condition. We have just as much fun growing the mealworms as we do feeding them to the birds.



I ordered 5000 meal worms to get my breeding colony rolling. Have been feeding the blue birds in my yard for several years now and absolutely enjoy it. I was extremely pleased with the price the quality and the prompt delivery of my order. In all honesty had tried to order from several other companies who had no worms in stock...web sites were down and they did not reply to my requests. Was starting to get discouraged. Top flight mealworms was Great!!! I now have worms to feed my birds....pupa....beetles and more to come! Hopefully will have a new generation of blue birds to share them with come spring!

Your meal worms provided a high quality meal to my nearly 14 year old pet hen in her last months on earth. She would perk up and be very happy at feeding time (Even though the mealworms were covered in pain medicine to help her through the day) She truly relished the taste and I think the challenge of catching them. Thank you for making her last days very enjoyable and memorable.

Sincerely Lori M

I have ordered mealworms from Topflight for some time now.My orders show up timely and the worms are in good condition.  I am amazed at the percentage of worms that are alive and well.

I’ve ordered from other mealworm companies before I found Topflight but they cannot beat your prices, packaging or condition of the worms upon delivery. I am very happy with the quality you provide.Most people are passionate in what they do. My passion happens to be birds, bees, gun smithing, and wood working. My birds, although outside, rely on me like children. Before I found your company I was paying enormous prices for mealworms. I felt like I was supporting the fancy bird shop by myself. I have been using your business for over a year now. You offer consistent prices, great customer service, and I have more time for my other hobbies since you ship directly to my door. After spending 32 years in the Navy where we improve the processes all the time, I can't imagine any improvements you can make at this time. Just keep up the good work. Your expansion will employ more people and help the economy. Nice job!

Curtis S

US Navy

Topflight Mealworms are the only mealworms I buy for my birds. I've tried freeze dried worms in the past and it was just a waste. Buying my worms in bulk allow me to splurge and have a nice gathering of beautiful birds on my feeders.You can't beat the price or quality!

Justin F.

I've been in the reptile society for a short time but since the people from houston reptiles recommend you to me I've seen nothing but good quality of mealworms I really hope that you can reach your goal and good luck.

Topflight Mealworms has provided me with the highest quality mealworms for my fire bellied toads. I have bought mealworms in the past from pet stores in my area and they do not come close to the quality and value that topflight offers. Topflight will always have my business.

Michael H

I've tried them all and you are the best! Excellent quality mealworms at the lowest cost shipped very timely. Don't know what others think, but I've never had any takers (wild bird wise) for roasted or dried mealworms so that would not be an item for me. Glad to see you are expanding and best of luck with the venture.

You guys are amazing period