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TopFlight Mealworms - Raising fat, healthy, live mealworms for sale since 2009

Mealworms are not really worms at all but rather, the larval form of the Darkling beetle. The mealworms (the larva) will grow, then turn into pupa, and then finally emerge as beetles (if uneaten!).

We are in the process of locating land to construct a new facility. We expect to be able to start producing mealworms again summer 2015! Thanks for the support.

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What are mealworms used for?

Mealworms are an excellent source of food for your reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians. Besides being rich in protein, mealworms are low in fat, and crunchy and delicious. Live mealworms of all sizes are essentially a "meal in a worm" for your pet reptiles, birds, and amphibians! Along with being a great source of food for your pets, mealworms make great live bait for fishing. The common meal worm, or Tenebrio molitor, is possibly the most widely raised feeder insect available.
Are mealworms nutritious?

Fat, plump, live mealworms are an excellent and favorite source of nutrition for your animals, including reptiles, birds, and chickens. Bluebirds LOVE mealworms! Mealworms are rich in vitamins A and B which are essential for proper growth, nutrition, and nervous system maintenance.

Are mealworms easy to care for?

Mealworms are extremely easy to keep. Just store them in your refrigerator at 45-50 degrees F and they will go into a dormant state and last for months. Click hereto learn more about mealworm care.

How big are your mealworms?

TopFlight offers live, healthy mealworms for sale in bulk quantities. We sell mealworms in three different sizes to meet all your needs.

Small Mealworms are 1/2"-5/8" long and start at only $6.50 for 1000 live,juicy mealworms.

Medium Mealworms are 5/8"-3/4" long and also start at $6.50 for 1000 live mealworms.

Large Mealworms are 3/4" and bigger and start at $7.50 for 1000 large mealworms.